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How do I get lucky in Internet Marketing?

To quote one of the latter day philosophers, Mr David Beckham

“The more I practice, the luckier I get”.

If we think about what we are trying to achieve in Internet Marketing, we are trying to get someone to buy something, whether it is a digital product or a physical product, by clicking on one of these.


BUy now button

buy now button

So then, let me ask you a really serious question, Read More…

The Economy and Your Mindset, are you really cut out for Internet Marketing?

The older generation have an adage they lived by,“If you’ve got health, you’ve got wealth”.     

If you've got health you've got wealth.

If you've got health you've got wealth.

That may have been so 40 years ago, but today I think there is a lot more to it.

2008 brought about a Financial meltdown of Global proportions, affecting virtually every person in the world in some way.

Some of the consequences were catastrophic, but some people also made fortunes, with companies who specialize in the misery of others creating wealth beyond comprehension.

The problem with all of this was the small matter of the world being a smaller place, and everyone now has the ability to trade in any country they wish too.

As they say in the UK, “If America sneezes, Britain catches a cold”. Read More…

There are 2 “T’s” in marketing, particularly Internet Marketing

The changing landscape of Internet Marketing


What is the difference between a successful business
and an unsuccessful one?

The successes understand the 2 T’s better than the
unsuccessful ones.

So what are the 2 T’s?

The first one is traffic, and without traffic, any kind
of business is dead in the water.

This is not just Internet based, but any kind of business.

Take a retail store for example and look at how the large
retailers set up in the major shopping malls whereas a lot
of the smaller retailers cannot afford to get a unit in there
because of the rents that are being charged.

The reason for the large rents is that there is almost a
guaranteed footfall, or traffic, flowing through and the
owners know that, as this is the lifeblood, the retailers will

The smaller retailers have to set up elsewhere and work
at generating the traffic through such things as coupon
offers in advertising or offering something the major retailers
don’t, but the end result is that a lot of them fail.

This is no different to the internet where there are basically
2 types of traffic, paid for and free.

Traffic selling on the internet is probably the largest source
of financial turnover there is and generates Billions of dollars
for the traffic sellers, but if used correctly, can also generate
a very nice income for the buyer, but you need to know what
you are doing otherwise it will become your own business

The beauty about buying traffic is that you can be very selective
on the demographic of the traffic you buy but you need to
be sure your offer suits the traffic you are buying, and as I
have stated before, Internet Marketing is all about putting a
relevant offer in front of the right audience at the right price.

The other beauty about buying traffic is that you can get the
traffic on demand and just turn the traffic tap on as and when
you are ready for the traffic to flow.

Most people go into buying traffic with the mindset of how
hard can this be and go and try to buy traffic from many places
all at once instead of mastering a single traffic source first.

It becomes a plate spinning exercise and we all know how
difficult that can be without practice, and the net result is
big losses without seeing a single dime flow into your accounts
so traffic buying is viewed as a domain for the wealthier owners.

This, to a large extent is correct, as the majority of large and
successful internet players do only use bought traffic, but if
you exercise due diligence and a little control, there is no reason
why the smaller players can’t get a piece of the pie.

I will write about the free ways of getting traffic in the next
post and then reveal the second T, which I believe is becoming
more and more important in todays business environment.

Speak again soon.


Get it perfect or get it launched? Stop being an IM procrastinator.

Set your IM business free by getting it done.

I think Kelly Brook is the perfect lady, and if I preferred men,
I would imagine Hugh Jackman would be pretty high on the list
(I do prefer women though, just for the record).

Hopefully, by now, you are sat there either agreeing or
disagreeing with my choices, and that is the whole point of this.

Perfection is totally subjective and my choice will certainly
not be the choice of the majority of the people reading this.

So how does this relate to the IM community?

Well, in short, if you are working on a project at the moment
but won’t launch it until it is perfect, it will likely never
get launched.

I am not talking about the coding being perfect, as that should
be before launching as a site where the Paypal button doesn’t
work or the download links are wrong should never be put on
display, but what I am talking about is the look and feel.

You need to answer some questions about what your visitors
are looking for rather than your own perceived version of

1. Is the content relevant, high quality and unique?

2. Is the content easy to read so that your visitor doesn’t have
to work too hard to get something out of it of value?

3. Is your site easy to navigate?

4. Does your site tell or show people what you want or expect
them to do?

5 to 999 similar questions.

1000.  Is my site my own view of perfection?

I think you should be getting the picture now, and if you look at
number 1, you will see that content is rearing it’s head again,
and believe me, content is the most important part of any
internet business so get the post from the other day and start
doing the writing challenge

So, to recap, get all of the technical stuff working, get the site
loaded with some quality content, get the navigation easy to
use and launch because a perfect in your eyes site sat on your hard
drive earns less than a less than perfect site that is being visited.

You can then keep an eye on the stats and tweak as you see fit.

If you’re having trouble focussing, I have found something that may help you.

This is a fantastic course that will show you, from A to Z how to finally get rid of the

procrastination demons and take action to get your IM business really working.

Go and have a look and see what you think.

I will speak again soon.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. (Updated for Internet Marketing age)

The Internet Marketing building of Rome.


To put this into more relevent language, Rome
wasn’t buit at the click of a mouse button.

If that is the case, why, on everything that
is Holy, do internet marketers think that a
magic button exists and they can go from
earning zero to $10000/month by following
a system which costs $7 or from a built for
you website that has all of the bells and
whistles already coded.

I wrote a blog post yesterday about training
yourself to write again, and this is really
where that training will come into its own.

In internet marketing, there are 2 real choices.

1. You create a product, be it software or an
informational product and you drive traffic
to the offer, but, you need the writing skills
we talked about yesterday to create sales
pages or the product.

2. You create an authority site or a heavy content
site, and again the emphasis comes down to
content being of a good enough quality and unique
enough for Google and the other search engines
to love it enough to rank you.
Times have changed with Google and thin content
affiliate sites just don’t work anymore.

There is a third option where you pay someone else
to do the above, but many people don’t have that sort
of money to spend to hope they get it right.

I suppose my point is that you have to work at internet
marketing just the same as you have to work at building
any business.

It really isn’t that hard, but don’t expect to start on Friday,
put some hours in over the weekend and have a flourishing
business by Monday, but, believe me, there are plenty of
people who will relieve of your cash and convince you it
can happen.

Just felt like getting that off my chest and I will speak with
you again soon.